Introducing The Kati Roll Company

In the heart of Greenwich Village, there is a unique Indian restaurant called The Kati Roll Company. It is a simple, unimposing place that doesn't rely on promotions or attention-grabbing sales tactics to promote its food. Neither waiters nor over-the-top dècor greet you when you enter, just the rich aroma of quality, unique Indian food.

You may think that, without all the marketing hoopla, a new restaurant concept like The Kati Roll Company would have a difficult time competing for business. But that isn't the case. The Kati Roll Company has enjoyed growing popularity since opening in 2002, earning both critic's awards and the approval of a diverse clientele. Today we have three locations in New York City and one in London.

Deconstructing a Kati Roll

The signature dish of The Kati Roll Company, Kati Rolls, are made by wrapping warm paratha, a type of Indian flat bread, around a variety of meats, vegetables and cheese. Each ingredient is marinated in a proprietary blend of Indian spices, creating a distinctive taste available nowhere else. Rolls can also be wrapped with a whole wheat roti for a healthier option.

Diners may choose from a select few fillings like beef, chicken, lamb, egg, shrimp, mixed veggie patty, chana masala, paneer cheese or potatoes. The finished Kati Roll is wrapped in either a paratha or a whole wheat roti and served hot, making it a satisfying meal that can be enjoyed virtually anywhere.

Meet Our Rolls | How to Eat a Kati Roll

The History of Indian Street Food

Urbanization and street food go hand in hand. Across the globe, street food has become an important part of daily life as local populations find work outside their homes or villages. Street food is of particular cultural importance in India, where colonization by the British Empire compromised traditional Indian life. Street food gave pushcart vendors and their families a means of income as well as a vital cultural connection. Street food is still an integral part of Indian life and, though served from a diner rather than a pushcart, The Kati Roll Company upholds this essential Indian tradition.

Accolades on the Menu

The Kati Roll Company didn't stay the best-kept secret of Greenwich Village for long. News spread and food critics began lining up to get a taste for themselves.

Jeet Thayil of India in New York says that "If you have to ask what a Kati Roll is, you haven't lived."

Time Out New York featured the new eatery in 2002 and was so impressed that it named The Kati Roll Company as one of the city's best restaurants in both 2004 and 2005. Choosing it as a critic's pick, the magazine gushed that The Kati Roll Company had the "loveliest wrap since the pashmina."

In the Travel & Leisure Reader's Poll for the World's Best Awards, The Kati Roll Company got top billing, with the editors declaring that you "don't swear off wraps till you taste these Calcuttan paratha treats."