Own your own business

Do you crave a business full of opportunity, challenge and excitement? TKRC is looking for passionate people who want to be a part of this growing brand. 

So You Want To Own A Franchise?

The Kati Roll Company is a nationally recognized food brand that has been recognized as one of the fastest growing Asian businesses in America.

In June 2002, The Kati Roll Company (TKRC) opened for business in New York City's Greenwich Village. Despite its very modest size and without any promotions or publicity effort, TKRC quickly earned a cult following amongst students hungry for a quick, cheap bite and late night patrons who adopted the place as an after-party stop.

Today, lines of people continue to visit TKRC’s many locations waiting to get their fix of authentic kati rolls, and we remain the benchmark because we were the first to bring this concept to the U.S.

The Kati Roll Company offers an extremely small and focused menu of kati rolls, a staple of the street-food scene in Kolkata, India, the hometown of owner Payal Saha.

Our customers expect the same quality food and the same service experience no matter which location they choose to eat at, which is why our success as a brand and a business is inseparable with that of our franchisees. It is our belief that being discriminating in the selection of our franchise partners is far more important than rapid growth. We are looking for partners who show strong personal integrity, a commitment to quality and customer service and the ability to lead and be a part of a larger team. If this sounds like you, please fill out the form below and let’s begin our journey together.

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