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Kati rolls are a popular street food found all over Kolkata, India. The word “kati” literally means skewer and kati rolls are made of skewer-grilled ingredients stuffed in buttery paratha flatbread and topped with chutneys and spices.  What started as one woman’s nostalgia for the street food of her hometown has turned into one of New York City’s most popular eateries.

The Kati Roll Company (TKRC) was started by Payal Saha shortly after she moved from her hometown of Kolkata to New York City. Without any experience running a restaurant, she let her desire for authentic kati rolls drive her passion. TKRC first opened in 2002 in small space in New York City’s Greenwich Village and today has four kati roll locations in Manhattan and one in London, England. TKRC is often credited with introducing Indian kati rolls to American diners and the eatery remains true to its simple menu of meat and vegetarian kati rolls, lassis and chips all still made fresh daily by hand. What sets TKRC apart is the quality of its ingredients including all halal meats, antibiotic and hormone-free chicken, hand ground spices and fresh produce. We marinate all of our ingredients daily and never ever use pre-packaged foods or sauces. Our lassis are made from house made, organic yogurt and natural flavors.


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